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About Us

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The Comet Skippers are a competitive jump rope team in Mason, OH (a northern suburb of Cincinnati). We were founded in 2004 by a family that moved from Texas, a hotbed for competitive jump rope. Our jumpers range from 3rd grade-college.

Our Coaches

Mike and Carmen Simpson first became involved in competitive jump rope when their oldest child took an interest in jump roping in the mid 1990s. They started like everyone else- as spectators and parents, then volunteers. Eventually they grew to help coach the Hot Steppers of Grapevine, Texas. When they were transferred to Cincinnati in 2003, they promised their children, 3 of whom were now jumping, that they would start up a new team in Cincinnati. With the backing of the Mason City School district ,the Comet Skippers of Mason Ohio were started, and the rest is history!

CS_coachesboard_6410 CS_coachesboard_6404
Mike Simpson
Head Coach
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Carmen Simpson
Head Coach

Yvonne Hill
Lori Robson

Andrej Kyselica
Mike Bills
Darla Beller
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Coaching Goals

  • Give jumpers the opportunity to build valuable life skills through all levels of participation with this team and sport.
  • Provide the support structure through which jumpers can reach their full competitive, performing, and teaching potential during their high school years, at which point they can best benefit from the exciting opportunities that the sport of jump rope can provide.
  • To provide the children the opportunity to be placed in leadership roles to prepare them for the future
  • Build self-esteem

Team Mission: To help promote the sport of jump rope and support the growth of teams in our surrounding area, the U.S. and internationally. If you are interested in starting a jump rope team, please contact us.

Get in touch with our coaches by visiting the Contact Page.

Address for team business:
5406 Wheatmore Dr.
Mason, OH 45040